26 August 2018

TAISEI manage Azalea Suites

A property management company based in Japan, Taisei Co Ltd received a management contract for the Azalea Suites @Green Palace Residence apartment, Cikarang. They are interested in managing this apartment because many expatriates from the Rising Sun Country are working and living in Cikarang. In addition, Taisei brought "international sense", and the quality of management services that have been his track record so far.

Noriseiro Kato, Taisei Co Ltd Director, said that Cikarang is a potential market for Japanese escorts. Therefore, Taisei will manage the Azalea Suites to become comfortable residences, in accordance with the wishes of the residents. "Japanese people feel comfortable if there are elements of Japanese culture in their dwelling and therefore we want to give the opportunity to make it,".

Azalea Suites @Green Palace Residence is an apartment built by PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk. President Director of PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk Damian Pudjiadi said Taisei's experience in managing buildings in the world became the company's reference in choosing Taisei as manager.

Taisei, which was founded in 1959, has recorded many apartment buildings, offices, hotels and commercial buildings not only in Japan, but also in China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Cooperation with Pudjiadi Prestige became the debut of Taisei managing apartment buildings in Indonesia.

Taisei Company Co. Ltd claimed to be Japan's largest property management company with a portfolio as of December 2016 managing 986 buildings with 1,280 clients.


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